Questions about Trip Archiver

Find answers to frequently asked questions.


  • When you need trip registration for tax returns.
  • When you need trip registration for business.
  • When you claim travel expenses from your employer.
  • When you enjoy the insight of data of your archived trips.
Trip Archiver makes trip logging more simple and faster by automating standard procedures like calculating distances, estimation of mileage and skipping redundant input like start and end mileage.


Trip Archiver provides exports that are compliant by almost all tax authorities. It will even give extra information, like expenses and via routes.
The standard mileage rates from the IRS and most other tax authorities apply for employees, self-employed individuals, or other taxpayers. The rate can be entered in the settings of your Trip Archiver account and is used by Trip Archiver to calculate the deductible costs of operating an automobile for business, charitable, medical, or moving expense purposes.
The IRS (or the tax authorities in your country) requires you to keep detailed records of your business trips. This can be found in the follwing document 'Publication 463'.

This publication explains what expenses are deductible, how to report them on your return, what records you need to prove your expenses, and how to treat any expense reimbursements you may receive.
Yes, Trip Archiver provides IRS compliant exports and even more. Trip Archiver is also compliant for most tax authorities in countries other than the United States.


When you create an export with Trip Archiver, you can check the option 'estimate the mileage'. Trip Archiver will estimate the mileage based on at least 1 mileage you have entered. More mileages means more accurate estimations.
When you enter a start and end location, Trip Archiver will show you the possible 'via' routes with their distances. You can choose a route and the distance is automatically added to the trip. You can always change the distance by hand.
Yes, with Trip Archiver, you can keep mileage administration for multiple cars.